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About Shopify Plus

If you have a big brand that sells not only in the private sector but also for retailers, Shopify Plus is the perfect solution for your online store. Whether you make thousands or millions in a month, the platform is capable of dealing with it. Shopify Plus was built to help make bulk trading simpler, more reliable and more stable. Shopify Plus actually offers a solution to these problems as the platform is built to handle loads and advanced technological solutions.

Benefits of Shopify Plus

We are proving all types of Technical solutions for every small and big business, organization.

Large Quantity Retailers

Shopify Plus is created to cater to retailers who trade in larger quantities. Shopify Plus is capable of dealing with hundreds of issues.

Cheaper Commissions On Your Transactions

In a basic Shofipei plan, you will have to pay between 0.5 and 2 percent for each transaction, depending on the plan you have chosen. At Shopify Plus, on the other hand, the commission percentage is less than 0.2 and depends on the revenue of your business.


With Shopify Plus, you will have access to APIs that will help you integrate your existing system with complex systems such as ERP, CRM, warehouse management, customer club management and more.

Sub Domain

With Shopify Plus, you can create additional stores for different countries and languages ​​under a different subdomain. You can allocate different inventory to different countries and track inventory management at each different point of sale (POS). You can even sync orders, inventory, and customer information between all your stores.

Custom checkout page

With Shopify Plus, you will be exposed to the code snippet of the Checkout page – in this way you will be able to access and edit it as you would like. Create one payment page (instead of completing personal details along 3 different pages), design and brand the checkout page according to your eyesight, and adapt it to your business.

Managers especially for you

If you are a customer of Shopify Plus - you will receive special support from professionals such as support for special launches, support for managing your resources, and support 24/7.

Launch managers who will support you in setting up pop-up stores, moving from online to offline, and will serve your technological needs.

Success managers who will help you utilize your resources in the best way. They will give you advice on marketing, providing analytics on store activity and installing sales enhancers relevant to higher revenue from the store.

24/7 support - a team that will give you priority and provide you with all the support you only need at Shofife Plus, even during rush hours or special sales days.

What our clients Say About us

We are proving all types of Technical solutions for every small and big business, organization.
Your comfort depend upon us!

Tetralogicx has proved to be a professional and competent web and mobile software development team, they were apt at understanding our wishes and extremely service minded. I highly endorse whole Selleo team.

Steve Cornwell

CEO, Northpass, USA

Tetralogicx has been a great partner for us since day one. They provide a team of skilled and professional developers that are self going, engaged, and well organized. We often recommend Selleo highly to other partners and associates.

Antony Sastre

Project Manager, The New Concept, SE

Tetralogicx delivered a reliable product that’s still being used today. With Tetralogicx, the entire development process was quite open and lean, they were so well integrated into our team. It was a transparent and productive engagement.

Dennis Gneuss

CEO,Us Centric

Able to work independently, Tetralogicx has become a trusted ongoing partner, capable of delivering quickly. Their E-commerce experience and technical skill allow them to not only implement specifications but make critical product optimizations.


CTO Universal Avenue, UK

I’ve been working together with Tetralogicx for over 2 years now on the development of web applications. Tetralogicx has been a trusted partner, always willing to get involved and help resolve the most complex of issues.

Timo York

Product Delivery Lead at ADV

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We are proving all types of Technical solutions for every small and big business, organization.